We meet for worship on the first Sunday in the month at 8pm in the house of one of our members. Our time together usually includes a mixture of readings and songs from a variety of sources, conducted at a relaxed pace, with at least one period of extended silence.

Although our material may not all be from Christian sources, our meeting is based around the teachings of Jesus and the principles of the Society of Friends contained in “Quaker Faith & Practice”.

We hold a nurture meeting once per month where we enjoy various activities such as discussing a topic of interest to group members; watching and discussing a film of religious, ethical, environmental or social interest; or studying a book or publication relevant to our group.

Anyone interested in taking part in this kind of worship is most welcome to join us.

Quakers come from all walks of life and uphold a progressive religious approach based on inward spiritual experience.

The name ‘Quakers’ is the term used for the Religious Society of Friends, which originated in seventeenth-century England as a radical Christian movement. Members of the Society are also often simply called Friends. Around 23,000 people attend nearly 475 Quaker meetings in Britain.